2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

02 Apr 2012

An opportunity for everyone to reflect on the fact that Europeans now live longer healthier than ever before, and to take on the opportunities that this represents the elder people in particular and society in general.

The objectives of the European Year can be summed up as follows:

Diagrama Foundation, throughout its daily work, will aim to achieve these objectives.

  • Raise awareness amongst society about: the value of active aging and its various dimensions; the valuable contribution that the elderly make towards society and the economy; promote active ageing, intergenerational solidarity and the vitality and dignity of all elderly people; doing more to mobilize the potential of senior citizens, regardless of their origin, enabling them to lead independent lives.
  • Stimulate discussion and exchange of information, and develop mutual learning between EU Member States and stakeholders at all levels to promote active aging policies, identify and disseminate good practice and encourage cooperation and synergies.
  • Provide a framework for commitment and concrete actions that will enable the Union, Member States and stakeholders at all levels, including civil society, social partners and businesses, to develop solutions, policies and innovative long-term strategies. There must be a particular emphasis on the development of information strategies, including strategies and comprehensive management of age-related employment and work, through specific activities. The framework must also enable the agents to pursue specific objectives relating to active aging and solidarity between generations.
  • Promote activities aimed at fighting discrimination based on age, overcome age-related stereotypes and eliminate barriers, particularly in relation to employability.

For more information about this European Year, please visit the website European Union’s Website.