Diagrama collaborates with the NGO ‘Cirugía Solidaria’ on their health assistance campaign in Cameroon

01 Dec 2013

A professional from Diagrama, expert in logistics, has accompanied the 25 volunteers from this Spanish charity on a 12-day trip, between October and November, in Bengbis, one of the poorest areas in the country, where 600 people have been assisted.

A camp hospital was settled in the zone where the surgeries and consultations were accomplished by seven surgeons, four anaesthetists, an otolaryngologist, a pediatrist, a maxillofacial surgeon, seven nurses, a radiologist, a general doctor, a physiotherapist, a translator and Diagrama’s responsible of logistics.

For twelve days, the team of professionals has assisted more than 600 people, from whom more than 200 were children, of which the 25% suffered audition issues. The main surgeries carried out were hernia, myoma, lipoma, thyroid and tumors in general; issues that in the first world are easily treated, but in Cameroon’s jungle they cost people’s lives.

“When you operate the head of family of a hernia, you’re helping the whole family. Their living depends on the fieldwork and a disease like this may leave them without resources”, tells Loli Palazón, Cirugía Solidaria’s veteran volunteer.

The experience of collaboration between Diagrama and Cirugía Solidaria is part of an arrangement among them and Diante Bou Bess Association to take this initiative to Sandiara (Senegal), where a similar number of people are expected to be treated.