Diagrama Foundation visits Murcia for its 4th ICE Project steering group meeting

25 Nov 2013

Diagrama and its ICE project partners visited the city of Murcia where they were welcomed by Fundación Diagrama, who had organised a series of visits to projects as well as the 4th steering group meeting.

Members of Diagrama Foundation travelled to the city of Murcia in Spain to participate in the ICE Project’s 4th steering group meeting. They were joined by the rest of the partners – Groep Ubuntu, from Belgium and Action with Communities in Rural Kent, from the UK – and hosted by Fundación Diagrama.

Fundación Diagrama prepared an excellent schedule which saw the partners visit the Residential Home Nuevo Alzahar, in the town of Archena, where they met with the Residence’s Director as well as some of the staff members. The partners were given a presentation about the social care system in Spain, with a focus on domiciliary care, which sparked a great discussion and gave rise to many questions amongst the participants. The partners also had an opportunity to see the facilities and meet some of the people at the residence. The steering group meeting took place on the second day of the visit, and the discussion was focused on the preparation and development of a care guide for those providing domiciliary care, which is hoped to be planned to be finished before the end of the project.

There is now only one more steering group meeting left before the project comes to an end, to be held in the UK, but so far the exchange of best practices and ideas has left the partners with much to think about. Diagrama Foundation looks forward to welcoming them once again in its home country.