Twydall School works with Diagrama on trial stage of development project

03 May 2017
Diagrama Foundation European Projects Manager Laida Quijano meets with teachers and support staff at Twydall Primary School in Gillingham, Kent

Diagrama Foundation has visited Twydall Primary School in Kent for the second time as part of the work it is carrying out in connection with the THRIVE EU Project.

The aim of the European project THRIVE is to reinforce the professional development of teachers of students up to seven years old through an online course, in order to effectively promote positive behaviours in classroom as well as future school attendance and achievement.

The visit follows an initial meeting earlier this year where teachers and support staff delivered feedback on the structure of an e-learning platform.

Participants in the research stage have now been given access to the full content of the platform and have been tasked with trialling the material in the school setting, to measure their effectiveness.

They have been asked to test out different elements of the learning tool and feed back with any questions and concerns regarding its use.

At the recent visit participants discussed what units they would like to pilot and Diagrama European Projects Manager Laida Quijano answered any questions they had about using the platform.

Laida said: “We are looking forward to hearing their experiences with the e-learning content.”

THRIVE learning platform offers a set of open education resources, designed to benefit both beginning and experienced teachers, available in English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish. A total of five learning units (Team spirit in classroom, Personal development, Environment supporting integration, Detecting early risks signs, and Interpersonal relationships) are available, offering a set of contents, including related training topics, theoretical elements, practical tips, activities, case studies and references.

Diagrama Foundation is one of six project partners, and is joined by Iasis NGO (Greece), BEST Institute for vocational education and related personal training GMBH (Austria), FVA New Media Design (Italy), Solidarity without Borders (Spain) CJD Verbund NRW Süd / Rheinland (Germany).

The project will culminate in a conference in Kent this September, aimed at teachers, support staff and students. For more information on the THRIVE project and attending the conference visit