Adopters praise ‘fantastic’ support in inspection

07 Jun 2016

Diagrama’s ‘fantastic’ adoption agency staff have won praise from adopters and Ofsted inspectors in a report published earlier this year.

Adopters said staff at the Purley-based agency were ‘fantastic’, ‘supportive’, and ‘professional’.  They told inspectors they felt Diagrama would be there for them when they need it and one adopter added: “I can’t speak highly enough of the agency”.

Ofsted noted the team was well qualified and experienced and delivered a competent service. “Leaders and managers demonstrate a high level of commitment and passion to develop and improve the agency,” inspectors said.

Ofsted found adopters are recruited to meet the needs of children deemed ‘harder to place’ and Diagrama’s preparation, assessment and approval process was seen as robust, leading to ‘safe and stable families’.

Diagrama’s support service drew particular praise for being prompt and ‘successful in effecting change’. One adopter said told inspectors: ‘I felt totally supported and my social worker advocated for me.’ 

The charity’s approach to safe placements was highlighted for its robust adopter recruitment, preparation and assessment, enhanced by introducing adopters to theraplay, prior to placement. The inspector reported: “This provides adopters with strategies to engage with, and parent in a therapeutic way, children who struggle with attachment. As placements progress, further training and support with attachment and other issues are provided, to further support and sustain safe placements.”

Adoption manager Gunter Becht said: “We are very pleased that our team has been recognised for the professional and caring service it provides. We are very proud of everyone who has worked hard to develop the service, and also our adopters who are helping to give the most vulnerable children a better start in life.

Chief executive David McGuire said: “Adoption is a life-long commitment and Diagrama is proud to offer life-long support to the families we work with. We are pleased the inspectors have recognised our dedication to providing comprehensive support as we believe this lies at the heart of every successful adoption. We look forward to continuing to develop the service.”

Diagrama acquired the services from Cabrini Children’s Society in 2014.

Diagrama is seeking new adopters. All adopters and their families are offered life-long holistic support, free access to therapeutic services, per support groups, parenting training and an events programme for adopted children. If you would like to find out more about adopting a child with Diagrama Adoption come along to one of our information evenings and meet our expert team and experiences adopters who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Find out more here.