Adoption support group's spirits sky high after trampolining trip

12 Jul 2017

‘How old were you when you were adopted?’ sparked a riot of responses to one child’s question at Diagrama’s recent adoption support group for children.

Spirits were sky high, as were feet, arms and legs, when 11 hot and happy young people enjoyed an hour, “flipping out” at a trampoline park in Southampton on June 24.

Ranging in age from 11 to 17 years, friendships were formed playing trampoline volley ball, or just by being nearby when your fellow jumper needed a hand to scramble up a climbing wall... or out of a deep sponge pit!

The support group, named by the young people as “MIP” (Meeting Important People of course!) meets on a regular basis to provide social and interactive sessions where adopted children can have fun, make friends and take part in activities.

Many of the parents enjoyed a coffee and a catch up in the cafe while the children were supervised by Diagrama social workers. Some of the families have known each other for many years and have shared the ups and downs of family life through the years, offering mutual support to one another. Other parents were new to the group but were made to feel very welcome.

Diagrama social workers were on hand to update the families with news from the foundation and to provide dates for upcoming Diagrama training events. Enjoying a much-needed frozen drink after the jump, the “MIPS” could be heard asking one another... “how old were you when you got adopted?” to the responses, “I was 2 and a half”, “I was 3”, “I was 6!” with high fives and fist pumps of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Feedback since the event has been hugely positive. Children have talked about the new friends they made, and one parent reported that her son loved “meeting other kids who are adopted, like me”. The next event for the MIPS, to be held later this year, will be a “cook in”, with pizza and individual mug cakes!