Diagrama care home shortlisted for four awards

14 Nov 2017
Innovative use of aromatherapy at Edensor has landed an award nomination
An oustanding carer and an innovative aromatherapy treatment for dementia sufferers are among four nominations at Edensor Care Centre which have been shortlisted for care awards.
Nominations for a dedicated volunteer and her visiting dog plus outstanding practice in preventing bed sores have also caught the eye of judges at The Prospers: Essex Care Sector Awards. The awards, run by Essex County Council, form part of the PROSPER programme, a ground-breaking initiative to test whether quality improvement methods could be implemented in the care home context.
PROSPER aims to reduce the number of falls, pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections (UTIs); not only improving system performance and professional development, but also changing behaviours and culture.
Diagrama's 50-bed care home, in Orwell Road, Clacton-on-Sea, has been shortlisted for four awards: Outstanding Carer; Unsung Hero; Pressure Prevention and Best Innovation.
Residential manager Alison Brown said: "We are always very proud of our hard-working team at Edensor and it is wonderful that their efforts have now been recognised in this shortlist. We'll have everything crossed for the finals."
David McGuire, Diagrama Chief Executive said: "This is exactly the kind of innovation and ethos that epitomises Diagrama as an organisation and it is wonderful to see how the enthusiasm and dedication of staff and volunteers at Edensor is having such a positive impact on the lives of residents."
Edensor's nominations included:
Outstanding carer: Sabina Mach, who has worked for Edensor since 2010 starting as a domestic staff working her way to become a senior carer. Alison said: "Sabina is a fantastic team leader who is very dedicated to her job and the staff that work under her. Her training of inductions to new staff is excellent and she will bring their working ability to a high standard. Many staff that have worked alongside Sabina still remain at Edensor which we feel speaks volumes. In 2013, when Edensor was under different management, Sabina was nominated for carer of the year at the National Care Awards in London for her outstanding bravery when staff and residents at Edensor were faced with a fire to which Sabina conducted the evacuation with staff and got every single resident to safety in a calm and professional manner in such a frightening situation. When the alarm was raised Sabina, who is just 5ft, single handedly carried a male resident down three flights of stairs to safety. Sabina has very good knowledge of all the residents she cares for, their wishes, preferences, their backgrounds and needs like they are a family member.
Alison added: "We feel Sabina is well overdue an award for her services and to be recognised as not just a great carer but a great person and promote her kindness, passion, caring, courage and outstanding care to others."
Unsung hero: Pat Chalmers, from Great Bromley, has been visiting Edensor since 2009 when a friend's aunt moved in. Her friend passed away in 2015 but Pat continued to visit her friend's aunt until she also passed away in 2016. Pat still continues to visit several times a week, spending time chatting with all the residents, bringing newspapers, sweets, crisps and biscuits and never forgetting the staff. Pat brings in her small dog Minnie that has been visiting since she was a pup so she knows everyone well. Minnie puts a smile on everyone's faces and enjoys the cuddles and fuss. Alison said: "We would like to nominate Pat and Minnie as we feel Pat always goes the extra mile and never misses her visits unless she really can't make it due to illness she will call us to let us and the residents know. Pat has dedicated her time to us here at Edensor and she is a very busy lady, so making time to still come to visit and communicate with our residents makes this lady special to us and deserves to be recognised."
Best Innovation: Edensor constantly strives to find ways to help residents with all aspects of daily living in a nursing home and promote the elements of some of residents' ailments without using medication. Senior carer Taryna Ansell has trained in aromatherapy and started to pilot these oils with residents that suffer different illnesses, while promoting a new activity for all to enjoy. Starting with residents nursed in bed, gentle hand and foot massages have helped promote wellbeing, lifting individual's moods, stimulating appetites to promote nutrition which helps heal pressure areas/ulcers. Taryna has also focussed on residents that suffer with dementia who can be on their feet for long periods of time, using oils that relax the mind and give a sense of calmness. Edensor staff have noted some residents walking for 2-3 hours less every day following treatment.
Pressure Prevention: Edensor has introduced the use of essential oils and other innovative techniques to help prevent and heal pressure areas. Alison said: "We found essential oils could work for our residents that are at high risk of pressure areas by giving massages on the areas affected. We have had new admissions throughout the year with grade 4 pressure ulcers that we have been able to heal and are now preventing through promoting skin integrity, applying creams, turning charts, air mattresses etc. We have had no pressure ulcers/sores for over a year in our home and now with this new system of aromatherapy that we have been piloting we feel this is playing a big part in our healing and preventing system.” Skin integrity is also continually promoted throughout the home and residents monitored carefully. All staff are also fully trained in wound management and Edensor has developed its own 'STOP THE PRESSURE' board game that makes the training engaging and effective for staff.
The winners of the awards will be announced at the Prosper Awards ceremony to be held at Chelmsford Race Course on November 28.