Edensor's visit from old-time singer brings back memories

29 Dec 2017

Edensor Care Centre, in Clacton-on-Sea, has continued the festive celebrations this year with a visit from an old-time singer.

Edensor constantly strives to find ways to help residents with all aspects of daily living in a nursing home and believe regular activities like this can help residents suffering from illnesses like dementia bring back past memories.

Vikki Whale, Edensor's training Champion, said: “We had an old-time singer join us today, Lillian Lace. She came to help residents of Edensor bring a little more joy into the festive season, she sung lots of old fashioned songs with a twist. Each song had a story within it.”

“Residents loved reminiscing to the old songs, and lots of residents even joined in the singing! It was a great atmosphere and such a nice sight. We even got a chance from some of the residents to tell us their amazing stories from when they were much younger, and how these songs were bringing back those forgotten memories.”

“Everyone enjoyed the afternoon activities - staff as well as residents. And the food helped too - who doesn’t enjoy a good old mince pie!”

Lillian Lace enjoyed her time with the residents at Edensor Care Centre and staff hope she will return again soon.


Edensor Care Centre offers residential, nursing and dementia care for the elderly. Find out more about this service by downloading a brochure or call 01255 423317 to arrange a visit.