Murcia University students will carry out work experiences with Diagrama Foundation

15 Jul 2011

This will be carried out through the renewal of a collaboration agreement between Fundación Diagrama in Spain and Murcia University, and will also serve as the framework to continue the process of innovation and knowledge creation that these two organisations have shared for almost 20 years now.

On June 29th José Antonio Cobacho, chancellor of Murcia University, and Francisco Legáz, Chair of Diagrama, signed the renewal of a collaboration agreement that introduced improvements and new possibilities for working together. The agreement will develop the students training and the development of research and investigations, in order to better understand the social reality and continue moving forward in the provision of services to vulnerable sectors of our population.

Amongst the innovations of the agreement, as explained by Prof. Antonio Velandrino, is the creation of a Post-graduate course within the Social, Health and Education sectors, the development of several studies and researches, as well as the possibility of University students (especially for Psychology and Social Work majors) to carry out work experiences in the different countries where Diagrama is based, including the UK.

During the act, Jose Antonio Cobacho highlighted that Fundación Diagrama has been carrying out “extraordinary” work for the past 20 years. He also said that the people in Murcia “must be very proud of an organisation that provides services for over 10,000 people every year, and which has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.” To this he added the importance of the University to continue training students, “not just academically, but also with values, for which it is our pleasure that Diagrama collaborates with us.”

Diagrama’s Chair, Francisco Legaz Cervantes, thanked the collaboration and support given by the University throughout all these years, emphasising that this agreement comes at a time in which “Diagrama had to take the next step to continue research and innovation in the services offered to the community, and we believe that Murcia University is the best companion for this mission.”