Two young university students from the ‘Labora’ Programme (Spain) accept scholarships for an English Course in the UK and the US

11 Jul 2011

Inés and Paco, university students and users of the ‘Labora’ Programme for social and employment integration, from the Council for Equality and Social Well-being from Andalucia County Council and carried out by Fundación Diagrama, have been chosen to receive Ministry of Education scholarships for the improvement of a foreign language.

This month of August, two users from the ‘Labora’ Programme in Cádiz will be studying English in London and the US, thanks to scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education. Both youngsters, currently in university, have been for the last 2 years following a personalised itinerary for social integration supervised by professionals from Fundación Diagrama.

Inés who is 19 years old will be travelling to London. Her itinerary was oriented, from the beginning, towards education. She graduated from high school in 2010 and enrolled with the Faculty of Social Work in the University of Huelva, where she lives in a student residence supported by the ‘Labora’ Programme.

Paco will spend the month of August in the US, improving his English. He is 20 years old and is studying Telecommunications Engineering in the University of Sevilla, and just like Inés, lives in a student resident subsidized by ‘Labora’.

Fundación Diagrama has highlighted the work that its professionals do with the ‘Labora’ Programme, which gives great importance to education during training itineraries because it is great support to achieve full social and work integration.