The young people from Diagrama’s homes partake in various leisure and educational activities during the Easter holidays

24 Apr 2014

For the past few weeks, the young people at Diagrama’s children’s homes participated in different leisure and educational activities as part of their Easter holidays programme. The young people were accompanied at all time by members of staff, who were there not only to enjoy the activities with them, but also to support and guide them as some of them were quite challenging.

The Easter holidays programme for the young people, quite varied and designed according to their abilities and desires, included activities such as rock climbing, visits to London and its many cultural attractions, as well as a couple of birthday celebrations where they could have some cake. In addition, all the young people from the homes went out as a group to see a Division One football match, in which Swindon FC beat Brentford FC to the disappointment of some of the young people supporting Swindon.

The young people had the chance to experience new situations and challenge themselves to learn through fun activities which help them keep active and healthy. The young people, as well as the staff, had a great time, and it was yet another opportunity to strengthen their relationship and learn new values outside the homes that will be very useful for them once they leave to start their own independent lives.