Young people recreate the show “Come Dine with Me” at one of Diagrama’s children’s homes

07 May 2014

For 3 nights the young people hosted various members of staff as well as other residents, with each night involving a different theme.

Between the 23rd and 25th of May, the young people from one of Diagrama’s children’s homes recreated their own version of the show “Come Dine with Me.” This activity involved different people cooking dinner every night for various guests including members of staff as well as other young people. Adding a twist to the activity, the young people had a different theme for each night for which they had to dress accordingly.

On the night of the 23rd the theme was “Red and Black,” and the guests were all wearing fancy black and red clothes. The menu included chicken in a spicy sauce accompanied by rice, with a side of broccoli and carrots. On Thursday the 24th the theme was “Scary/Horror movies” for which all the guests had to dress up in fancy dresses. The chef, one of the young people, made chicken with a side of stuffed mushrooms, and for dessert ice cream in a tall glass. Lastly, the night of the 25th the guests celebrated “Prom Night” so they dressed up in their best clothes for a lovely evening. The menu was vol au vent as starters stuffed with chicken and béchamel sauce, and as a main lamb on a bed of vegetables, which was exquisite. And to finish off, there was ice cream, homemade cake and fruit compote.

The staff at Diagrama’s homes are always looking for new and fun ways to encourage positive behaviours through which the young people can learn important lessons and skills. By focusing on the importance of food and enjoying the process of making it and eating it, they learn healthy habits that will hopefully follow them once they leave the home. They have all learned important skills that will help them develop and will have a positive impact in their lives. All in all, it was a great couple of days that everyone at the home enjoyed.