“What could fair justice mean for children and young people?” – A Monument Fellowship Book

This page is for anyone who is interested in contributing a chapter or piece for the next Monument Fellowship book which will address the question 'what could fair justice mean for children and young people'

The book is aimed at anyone who works with, or supports, children and young people in the justice system, and anyone who makes or influences policy and practice in this area. 

We want the book to tell readers about the impact that their work has on children and young people, inform them about emerging practice and new ideas, and inspire positive and lasting change.

The book is sponsored by the Monument Fellowship whose 8 members are funded by the Woolbeding Charity to work together to make a sustained, cumulative and transformative change to the journey of individuals through our justice system.


What will the book include? Themes and content

Typically, the book will be made up of chapters of around 2,000-2,500 words addressing any aspect of the themes set out below. We also welcome shorter pieces, and art, poetry, or other material which expresses what fair justice could mean for children and young people.  And if you have an idea for a contribution that doesn’t fit the themes below, then do still get in touch with us to discuss that. 


  1. Understanding Children, Young People and the Justice System - What does everyone who wants to achieve fair justice for children and young people need to know in order to bring about change?
  2. What does fair justice look and feel like –  Good practice, evidence, ideas, experience that can inform our view of what fair justice for children and young people should look like.
  3. Making change happen – how do we bring about positive and lasting change to deliver fair justice for children and young people?

Click here for more information about themes.

The members of the Monument Fellowship are: The Centre for Justice Innovation, Clinks, the Diagrama Foundation UK, Khulisa UK, Koestler Arts, Lemos and Crane: The Good Prison, The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance and Restorative Solutions CIC.

We can’t wait to hear from you. If you have any questions in the mean time please contact ukmarketing@diagrama.org

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