Diagrama Asks Care Home Residents to Help Recruit New Staff

13 Oct 2021

Diagrama has introduced an innovative new stage in the recruitment process for Support staff at their care homes for adults with learning disabilities.


Diagrama's HR team has asked the people they support to share what skills and qualities they want the successful candidates to have. These skills and qualities  have been prioritised on the role specification and new interview questions have been added so that the charity can find new team members who best match the requirements of the people they support.

A group of people Diagrama supports in Orpington and Bromley were invited to attend a meeting with Richard Dunn, Diagrama’s Head of Human Resources, in which they were asked to describe what their new Support and Development Workers should be like.

Richard Dunn, Head of Human Resources, Diagrama, said, “The group we asked to help us with recruitment were all very clear about the type of Support and Development Workers that they wanted to see join the team. They asked for qualities including, being funny, being helpful,  having lots of  love and support to give, and wanting to make people feel happy.”

The group overwhelmingly asked the charity to recruit helpful people with lots of love to give, who would really want to support them with activities including gardening, music and cooking and would want to take them out for adventures to rescue centres or the seaside.   

Richard Dunn continued, “Diagrama is looking for people to join the team who can help to unlock the potential of the people we support, so we felt it was very important to involve them in deciding what qualities and skills the ideal candidates should have. Talking with the group about the type of Support and Development Workers we should employ was a very positive and rewarding experience, and their wishes will be prioritised, when  we interview prospective candidates.”

If you are passionate about people, want to provide the best care possible and are looking for a rewarding career with Diagrama visit www.diagramafoundation.org.uk/job-vacancies or email hr@diagrama.org